About Me

Remodeling is not just a job – it is an art. When you decide to change something in your home or add something new, you should always be careful about whom you choose to do the job. With 20 years of experience in remodeling, I am the best independent remodeling contractor for all of your needs. Even if you don’t need a large remodeling project, but just services of a handyman – I am still here to help you out in fixing up your house.

My primary specialty is in residential remodeling. Anything from kitchens to deck repairs – I am here to help. Look at your kitchen now. Maybe you like it, but you would rather add something to it. Some new cabinetry may look nice, or a whole new furnishing style – whatever you imagine, I can do. It is no problem to move your stove and the sink and completely redo your kitchen to your liking. I work with you to help you make your house look exactly how you want it to.

One of the most important parts of your house is actually your bathroom. When you come home from work, there is nothing better than relaxing in a nice bath with jets in a calm, neat setting with soothing music coming out of speakers in the walls. It is also the place that you spend your mornings in getting ready for work or to go outside. When you come in for the morning shave or to simply brush your teeth, you will feel much better about the upcoming day when you enter a nice, clean bathroom done exactly to your liking.

Remodeling is not the only thing that you want done sometimes. Quite often something end up breaking. Not necessarily a technical problem, but still a break. Say, you have a football party and one of your friends has one too many and breaks the screen door along with your deck railing – you can call me and I will be there before your spouse finds out about the rowdy party. Sometimes you get a leak in your bathroom on the second floor and you ceiling begins to look like one huge bubble. You can call me and I will repair the problem and fix your ceiling so you will be able to once again enjoy your house.

All of your needs relating to home repairs and remodeling can be met by calling me, Alex Denissov, to help you make your house look the way you want it. I am ready for any challenge. Having 20 years of experience, I am able to provide not only simple professional services, but I put in creativity and quality control into everything that I do. Your satisfaction is my goal and your eccentric smile when you see the finished project is what I strive for.