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    Remodeling is not just a job – it is an art!

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    Remodeling is not just a job – it is an art!

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    Remodeling is not just a job – it is an art!


The decision to remodel your cherished home with new plans and ideas takes foresight and creativity. You do not want to leave the future of your projects to just anyone.

With over twenty years of experience in all aspects of home repair and remodeling, Alex Denissov has brought his expertise and experience to many grateful and satisfied clients.

Knowledgeable in all the areas needed to provide exactly what the customer envisions, Alex lends his own creativity to projects, always with the clients's ideas and requirements in mind.

For any in-home installation or repair, or for outside fence, deck or patio re-invention as well as the very best in remodeling services, call the best professional in the field, Alex Denissov.

Your home is your pride and joy - or it can be, with a little help from Alex Denissov. Don't have your home remodeling projects or home repair work done by just anyone. Working with the wrong company can cost you extra time and money. Alex will finalize your home project on time and to your complete satisfaction. His work speaks for itself- only the best quality materials are used and his pride in his work shows in everything he does. For large or small exterior or interior home remodeling projects, call the best in the business - Alex Denissov.

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Each year, millions of people remodel their homes.Sooner or later you will also face the renovation challenge. Building centers will become your best friends, and talks about paint and fixtures will cause more positive emotions than attending a barbeque party.The motives for home remodeling are diverse. It can be a desire to change the wall color, make a new floor,...